Seed & Bean Sicilian Hazelnut Dark Chocolate - Packaging Free


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We're very excited to present the UK's first packaging free, zero waste chocolate delivery! Crafted by master chocolatiers Seed & Bean, this 58% cocoa chocolate is made from the finest Hazelnuts grown in the Italian mountains. Rich in flavour and smooth in texture, each mouth melting bite is sure to whisk you away to a nutty nirvana. Your chocolate will be delivered in our signature Roots & Hoots returnable containers (and don't worry, it's stored airtight for optimum freshness!).

"Fairtrade Cocoa Mass*, Fairtrade Cane Sugar*, Fairtrade Cocoa Butter*, Hazelnuts 11%*. *Organic"

Per 100g. 589 cal, 41.2g fat, 21.1g of which saturates, 49.9g carbohydrate, 47.8g of which sugars, 7.8g fibre, 6.6g protein, 0.07g salt

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