About us

It’s no secret that our planet is in need of some TLC. Caring for our planet is at the core of what Roots & Hoots is all about…

Our founder Shiv Misra set up a sustainable supermarket named Kindly (pre-pandemic) based in Seven Dials in Brighton, Sussex. Kindly caters to those who wish to reduce their food waste, eat more responsibly or are following a vegan lifestyle, as all products in store are vegan.

However, as the Covid 19 pandemic hit, Shiv identified an opportunity to bring an eco-friendly solution to people’s front doors through a home delivery service.

Thus Roots & Hoots was born. Passionate about both reducing waste and eating responsibly, Shiv, alongside co-founder Ram, thought it was about time that home shoppers were given the same planet-friendly options as those on the high street without the worry of impacting the planet negatively.

Now, one year on (2022 at the time of writing), Roots & Hoots have a spectacular following of zero-waste champions who shop with us time and time again, reaping the benefits of our home delivery service in our emission-free electric vans. We reduce our customers’ waste to virtually nothing as we collect and reuse the packaging that we deliver their food in!

Start your zero-waste journey with us, and become a zero-waste champion! Click here to find out more about how it all works, and how you can reduce your plastic waste and help give our planet the love it deserves.