James White Organic Apple & Ginger Juice 750ml


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We are delighted to offer a zero waste scheme for James White Juices! When you're finished with your glass bottles simply arrange a collection with us, we then sanitise and reuse them.

Bursting with flavour, James White Organic Juices are certified by the Soil Association who set very high standards for growers. Fresh and high quality, we love this Organic Apple & Ginger Juice, made with pressed root ginger juice so it is smooth and gently warming.

Organic apple juice (98%), organic root ginger juice (2%), vitamin C (ascorbic acid) as an antioxidant

Quantity per 100ml Energy 207kj / 49kcal Fat of which saturate 0.1g 0g Carbohydrates of which sugars 11.3g 10.6g Protein 0.2g Salt 0g

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