Organic Cacao Nibs


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Also known as cacao beans, these cacao nibs are known to be one of the most complex foods on earth. And, in some ancient cultures, they are even used as currency — would you believe it?! Though they’re associated with chocolate, these cacao nibs are packed with lots of delicious nutrients and antioxidants that provide a bitter chocolatey flavour that can be sprinkled on pretty much anything you like! From porridge to salads, yoghurts to desserts, these cocoa nibs will provide a healthy burst of flavour to your meals.

Cacao Nibs

One ounce (28 grams) of cacao nibs provides ( 1 )
Calories 175.
Protein 3 grams.
Fat 15 grams.

Supermarkets typically sell cacao nibs in packets of about 125g.

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