Organic Brown Rice Flakes

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Brown rice flakes are made from nutritious brown rice grains and are a great alternative to wheats and oats. This means you can use them to make porridge or combine them into your muesli for a hearty, healthy start to your day. For extra deliciousness, you can drizzle honey, sprinkle with nuts or add your favourite fruits and berries.

Forbidden® Organic Gluten Free Brown Rice Flakes are made from carefully selected brown rice kernels that have been steamed, rolled, flattened and dried out to produce flakes. The wholegrain rice kernel is used to preserve the nutritional content and benefits of the rice.

Nutritional Information (Typical values per 100g)
Energy 350.07 K Cal
Carbohydrate 72.37g
Fat 1.27 g
Sugar 0.33g
Protein 12.29 g

Not typically found in supermarkets, health food shops often sell these in 500g-1kg packets.

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