Organic Black Turtle Beans


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The black turtle bean is a staple in Latin American and Mexican cooking. Also known as simply ‘black beans’ they are often cooked down to make re-fried beans or added into chilli dishes. Because of their rich, meaty texture, they are often a great addition to veggie dishes if you’re looking to bulk up your meal.

Organic Black Turtle Beans

Black Turtle Bean, Raw
Vitamin A 0%
Vitamin C 0%
Calcium 29%
Iron 89%
Thiamin 110%
Riboflavin 21%
Vitamin B6 26%
Niacin 18%
Magnesium 74%
Phosphorus 81%

Supermarkets typically sell black turtle beans in packets of about 500g. Half a cup of dried beans is about equal to a 400g tin. Use about 60g per person.

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