Organic Granola


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This delicious granola has been sweetened with beet syrup to create these tasty clusters that can be eaten on their own as a snack, or enjoyed as part of a balanced breakfast. You can mix with yoghurt or top with fresh fruits of your choice. Granola is made up of rolled oats, nuts and brown sugars to create a nutritious snack.

Wheat flakes, Beet sugar syrup 15%, Oat flakes coarse, Oat flakes fine, Sunflower oil, Sunflower seeds, Grated coconut ,Almond flour, Corn glucose powder, Sea salt

Amount Per 100 grams
100 grams
Calories: 471
% Daily Value
Total Fat: 20 g 30%
Saturated fat: 2.4 g 12%
Polyunsaturated fat: 12 g
Mounsaturated fat: 4.4 g
Cholesterol: 0 mg 0%
Sodium: 294 mg 12%
Potassium: 336 mg 9%
Total Carbohydrate: 64 g 21%
Dietary fiber: 5 g 20%
Sugar: 29 g
Protein: 10 g 20%
Vitamin A: 0% Vitamin C: 1%
Calcium: 6% Iron: 16%
Vitamin D: 0% Vitamin B: 6 5%
Cobalamin: 0% Magnesium: 24%

Supermarkets typically stock this in packets of 500g.

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