Techround lists us in the top 5 sustainable startups
Sep 09 2021 Layla Brook

Techround lists us in the top 5 sustainable startups

It’s hard not to notice how popular sustainability is becoming in today’s society. Brands emphasise their environmental principles in their advertising, and consumers break away from their staple products, opting for an environmentally friendly alternative. As such, TechRound wanted to shine a light on the companies and startups that hold sustainability at the heart of their business. We would like to thank every company that applied to be in our Top 38 Sustainable Tech Companies & Startups, and congratulate all those included!

The Top 38 Sustainable Tech Companies & Startups were chosen by TechRound’s internal team who considered a range of criteria. The team looked at the company/startup’s potential to bring about active change to help reduce environmental impact, the clarity of the message of the importance of sustainability being portrayed, and the quality and usability of the products/services offered.

Becca Donaldson, Reporter at TechRound, commented:
"It’s been absolutely amazing to find out about so many companies that hold sustainability at the heart of their business. These companies and startups send a clear message to their consumers about the importance of considering our own actions and environmental impact. Many fantastic companies appeared on our list such as &Sisters, Bagboard, BeoBia, and ReWorked who topped the list."

Commenting Specifically on Roots & Hoots, Becca said:
"We were delighted to announce Roots & Hoots as TechRound’s 4th Top Sustainable TechCompany or Startup of 2021! Roots & Hoots holds sustainability at the heart of everything they do: from their products to their electric delivery vehicles, all combining to make a closed loop system. Their commitment to provide accessible and affordable ways to cut out plastic, lessen your environmental impact, and strive to live a waste-free lifestyle epitomises our judging criteria. Congratulations to founders Shiv and Ram, and all the team at Roots &Hoots!"

To See the Full Top 38 Sustainable Tech Companies & Startups List, Please Visit TechRound.