Organic Wholegrain Spelt Flour

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This ancient wholegrain spelt flour is the ideal baking ingredient to replace regular wheat. It’s easy to digest and has added nutrients making this ideal for baking regular loaves as well as sourdough. Its strong nutty flavours will give your bakes some extra pizzazz as well as make your kitchen smell delicious. Please note this product is packaged in a paper bag for food safety reasons. Please return the bag to us and it will be reused.

500g Doves Farm Organic Wholemeal Spelt Flour 1 tsp Doves Farm Quick Yeast 1 tsp sugar 350ml tepid water 1 tsp salt 1 tbsp oil oil, for tin

Nutritional Information (Typical values per 100g)
Calories 246.
Carbs 51 grams.
Fiber 7.6 grams.
Protein 10.6 grams

Supermarkets typically sell this in packets of 1kg.

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