Organic White Couscous


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White couscous is made from durum wheat semolina. This handy food is great as part of a salad or Moroccan stew. For the tastiest results, make up a vegetable stock and pour over your couscous. You won’t have to wait long before the couscous absorbs all the flavours and puffs up. Next, simply fluff up with a fork and serve!

Organic Durum Wheat

Typical Values Per 100g
Energy: 373kcal
Protein: 12. 6g
Carbohydrates: 78. 6g
of which sugars: 0. 6g
Fat: 0. 9g
of which saturates: 0. 1g
Fibre: 1. 6g
Salt: 0. 15g

Supermarkets typically sell this in packets of 500g. Allow 100g cous cous per person.

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