Student Food Cupboard Starter Kit - Basic


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Grab a bargain with our Basic Student Food Cupboard Kit! By popular demand we launched these vegan, plastic-free kits to help students build their food cupboard at university. Enough to make loads of meals from and not just for students, this kit is perfect for anyone in need of stocking up economically.

Our Basic Student Food Cupboard Starter Kit includes:

Oatly Barista Oat Milk 1L
Organic Kitchen Baked Beans 400g
Organic Kitchen Chopped Tomatoes 400g
Organic Kitchen Basilico Pasta Sauce 400g
SUMA Minestrone Soup 400g
Organic White Fusilli Pasta 500g
Organic Long Grain White Rice 500g
Organic Porridge Oats 500g
Organic White Couscous 500g
Organic White Conchiglie Shell Pasta 500g
Organic Red Split Lentils 500g
Organic Sunflower Oil 480ml
Fine Sea Salt 300g
Light Muscovado Sugar 300g

All products are 100% vegan. Our kits are cheaper than buying the products separately. Please note that if a product becomes unavailable we will substitute this item for a similar close alternative.

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