Plenish Organic Almond Milk 1 L - Recyclable Carton

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Organic. Dairy-free. Unsweetened. Made with 3 natural ingredients - 6% Organic Almonds, Filtered Water and a pinch of sea salt. No additives or stabilisers like oils, gums, lecithin or carrageenan. Awesomely vegan. The ultimate dairy-free topper for your overnight oats, smoothies and granola! Made with plant-based goodness, Plenish almond milk contains 95% less sugar, 80% less saturated fat and 26% fewer calories than semi-skimmed milk.

How can cartons be waste free ??

  • Most councils don’t allow milk cartons in the household mixed recycling bins
  • Residents have to either drop these at special food and drink carton recycling points or arrange for specialist recycling provider to be paid for weekly kerbside pickup ( currently Magpie is not able to onboard new customers)
  • If the council is unable to sort out the household bin correctly then the entire recycling ends up being incinerated or going to landfill

We want to help reduce this waste going to landfill and hence collect the cartons from you, aggregate them for recycling with our specialist partner ensuring that as much as possible we are eliminating waste coming out of your home.

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