Heavenly Organics Rose & Geranium Facial Scrub 80g


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An excellent all rounder for so many skin types, this soothing, calming facial scrub made with kaolin clay & unrefined sea salt will leave your skin feeling beautifully soft and glowing.

This NEW FORMULA facial scrub is a delicate blend of unrefined sea salt (Soil Association certified), UK sourced soothing kaolin clay and divinely scented organic rose geranium essential oil. The fine grain salt gently exfoliates the skin – we use fine grain sea salt for a gentle exfoliant compared to course sea salt which tends to be abrasive. The kaolin clay is soothes and extracts impurities.

Kaolin clay is a mineral rich, light clay and extremely soft in texture. Kaolin gets its name due to the clay first being taken from the hills in Gaoling, China. Kaolin can come in slightly different shades of white – sometimes pink or greenish but the whiter the clay, the purer it is. With its neutral Ph, kaolin does not dry your skin out. However it still has powerful and beneficial properties with its ability to gently extract impurities making it ideal for tackling spots and acne and also removing excess oil from the skin. Not only does this soft clay cleanse the skin without irritation, it also soothes inflammation.

ROSE GERANIUM OIL: With its astringent properties, rose geranium can also help reduce enlarged pores. It is a balancing oil so can do wonders for balancing out uneven skin tone. With its gentle rose aroma, this facial scrub will delight your senses and your skin simultaneously. Not only is this wonder oil anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, anti-fungal anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and anti-septic with its ability to treat acne, blemishes, cellulite, scarring, varicose veins, rosacea and dull skin, it is also uplifting, rejuvenating and can help with anxiety and depression.

This facial scrub is therefore an excellent choice for all round care for the face with a beautiful and enchanting rose aroma.

Plastic free packaging. 100% vegan and cruelty free.

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