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DAME reusable period pads are softer, drier, greener and more comfortable than any pad you’ve tried before. They’re made with a unique five layer DAMEdry™ construction, including antimicrobial technology to eliminate odour. Swapping to DAME reusable pads can help stop up to 2,000 disposable pads going to waste.

How to use

Place the pad in your pants, fasten the wings around your underwear and pop together - just like an old school pad.

Cleaning and Care

Soak your pad overnight in a DAME dry bag or rinse under cold water until it runs clear. You can then add your pad to an existing dark wash.

  • Wash up to 40°c
  • Please avoid fabric softener and bleach
  • Don’t tumble dry


DAME reusable pads are made of four layers:

  • Top and Bottom outer layers: two layers of super-soft natural fibres that stay comfortable against your skin (lyocell, organic cotton)
  • Odour-proof inner layer: An absorbent odour-proof layer is made from 4D fabric technology that holds 10 times its weight in two seconds (organic cotton, bamboo, polyester)
  • Waterproof backing: watertight layer to prevent leaks (polyurethane)

Liner (equivalent of 1 regular tampon)


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