Organic Buckwheat


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Fun fact: buckwheat is actually part of the rhubarb family! However, we wouldn’t recommend cooking it up in a crumble. Instead, buckwheat is a tasty, healthy ingredient that can be added to grain bowls, salads and even used in stews. To cook raw buckwheat, it’s recommended you first heat up using oil in a pan, before adding water to bring to the boil. Next, simmer for around 10-15 minutes until it’s lovely in soft.

2 cups raw buckwheat groats 2 cups rolled oats 2 cupshazelnuts, coarsely chopped 1 cupscoconut flakes, unsweetened 1/4 cup coconut sugar 1/2 cup cocoa powder 1/2 tsp sea salt 1 large ripe banana 6tbsp coconut oil, softened or liquified6 2 tbsp honey 1 tbspvanilla extrac

Nutritional Information (Typical values per 100g)
Calories 583(2441 kJ)29%
From Carbohydrate 459(1922 kJ)
From Fat 48.4(203 kJ)
From Protein 75.9(318 kJ)
From Alcohol 0.0(0.0 kJ)

Supermarkets typically sell buckwheat in packets of 500g. Allow 60g per person.

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