Ecoleaf Washing Up Liquid

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Ecoleaf washing up liquid is a happy, eco-friendly cleaning product that is derived from plant extract and sustainably sourced martials. You can feel totally guilty-free as you scrub away at those dishes and get rid of grease, knowing there are no nasty chemicals escaping down the sink!

With recycled packaging and vegan-friendly ingredients, you’ll be on your way to an eco-conscious washing up routine. Yay!

Proprietary blend of biodegradable, cationic surfactants, preservative and natural fragrance. sodium laureth sulfate, coco amido propyl dimethyl betaine, fatty alcohol ethoxylate, citric acid, sodium chloride, sodium hydroxymethylglycinate, fragrance, d-limonene.

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Ecoleaf washing up liquid is not typically sold at supermarkets; however, some health food stores and online supermarkets offer 500ml and 1L options.

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