Organic Sunflower Oil


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This neutral sunflower oil is perfect for all sorts of cooking. It’s deodorised, which means it’s had any smells removed through water vapour so won’t affect the taste or aroma of your dishes.

Sunflower is made by pressing the seeds of sunflowers. It can be used to fry vegetables and other foods at a high heat as it has a high smoke point.

Cold Pressed Organic Sunflower Oil.

Nutritional Information (Typical values per 100g)
Energy 3760 kj
Energy 900 kcal
Fat 100.0 g
Of Which Saturates 11.0 g
Carbohydrate 0.0 g
Of Which Sugars 0.0 g
Fibre 0.0 g
Protein 0.0 g
Salt 0.000 g

Supermarkets typically sell sunflower oil in bottles of 500ml, 1L or 2L..

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